The image shows the Mucci vineyards, in the background on the right you see the famous castle
    of Serralunga, on the left side the castle of Castiglione Falletto.

   Aufnahme Weinberge Mucci Google Earth

A: TAVILLI, Nebbiolo (Langhe Nebbiolo) 2000 sqm; Albarossa 600 qm, planting year 2007&2010
B: BRICCO, Nebbiolo (Langhe Nebbiolo) 700  sqm, planting year 2007
C: SUD, Nebbiolo (Langhe Nebbiolo) 1000 sqm/800 qm, planting years 2001/2003 (links/rechts)
D: DIETRO LA CANTINA, Dolcetto d'Alba 800 sqm, planting year 1957
E : TRIVÈ, Barbera d'Alba 2500 sqm, planting year 2000
: BARATA, Barbera d'Alba 2800 sqm, planting year 2002
G: MANNO, Barbera d'Alba 600 sqm, Dolcetto d'Alba 600 sqm, planting year 2007/2010
H: SOTTO LA CANTINA,  Chardonnay (Langhe Chardonnay), 2800 sqm, planting year
I:   SOTTO LA CANTINA,  Sauvignon Blanc (Langhe Sauvignon),1000 sqm, planting year 2014

View from the satellite (2nd September 2014)

Weinberge der Cascina Mucci vom Satelliten aus

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