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We we wiil be in Hillerød the 12th and 13th of April with Bella from Piemontevine.

Cascina Mucci is in Hillerød for a tasting

2019 03 22: It's springtime!

shoots are growing

Working in the new steep vineyard to make it more sicure

Working in the new vineyard

31.1.2019 Bottling some very nice 2016 wines (Albarossa, PER CARLOTTA and Nebbiolo)

Bottling wine

bottling wine

24.1.2019: First snow in Roddino this winter!

Part of the Cascina Mucci vineyards

Part of the Cascina Mucci vineyards

The new vineyard in the snow

December 2018: a new vineyard: Work in progress

Rebberg TRIVÈ: Work in progress Die

Rebberg TRIVÈ: Work in progress

Rebberg TRIVÈ: Work in progress

28.12.2018: Carlotta and Alex mounting wires

Rebberg TRIVÈ: Work in progress

30.12.2018: Marie-Louise and Alex at work

Rebberg TRIVÈ: Work in progress

25.10.2018 Autunm at Mucci

Herbst, bald herrscht Winterruhe

Harvest 2018



Ernte der Albarossatrauben

Alex erntet Albarossatrauben

Barberatrauben bereit zu Ernte

Messung der Gradation des Barbera: knapp 24 Babo, d.h. 118° Oechsle

Das Übergiessen des Tresterhutes mit dem Jungwein - dreimal täglich

20. Juli 2018: Chardonnay vineyard before and after cutting the wines and the gras

Chardonnay Reben vor dem Laubschnitt

Chardonnay grapes, the wine will be ready in April 2019

Chardonnay Trauben

Young plant of Barbera in the TRIVÈ vineyard, a first reduced harvest in 2020, the wine will be bottled in 2022

Jungrebe Barbera

2 April:The wine-year begins with tears.

the wine is starting

Some days ago



Harvesting of  Albarossa 2017

Ernte Barbera

Albarossa 2017

Barbera 2017

Alex harvesting Albarossa

beim Ernten

grapes of Albarossa


Wintertime at Cascina Mucci

Winter auf Cascina Mucci

Winter auf Cascina Mucci

Winter auf Cascina Mucci

View at Cascina Mucci
Cascina Mucci von vis-à-vis

A  perfect autumn day
Cascina Mucci von vis-a-vis

2016.11.06: row of Nebbiolo vines
Rebzeile Nebbiolo

2016. 10.22: The last grape of harvest 2016
letzte Traube der Ernte 2016

Bringing the grapes in the cellar
Transport der Trauben

One of the total 305 crates of Barbera grapes from the harvest 2016
Barberatrauben im Kistchen

Perfect maturation of Albarossa grapes

The Nebbiolo grapes will be ripe soon

The old vines have been uprooted, in this place we will plant Barbera.
Vorbereitung für neuen Rebberg

Harvesting Chardonnay 2016
Ernte Chardonnay 2016

2016.09.12: a perfect ripe Chardonnay grape

Cascina Mucci at 17.06.2016, due to the anti-hailnet the vineyard appears in a darker green
Cascina Mucci im Sommer von vis-à-vis

Nebbiolovinyard with anti-hailnet

Nebbiolorebberg mit Hagelnetzen

2016.06.07: Nebbiolo abloom


White variety abloom

Blüte Arneis

Vinyard of Nebbiolo with green manuring



Detail Gründüngung

Nebbiolo with open bud

Knospe Nebbiolo am 3.4.2016

Let's walk to Cascina Mucci with Google Street View

Bild Street View